Crop Care

  Heavy infestation of insects, weeds and diseases in the paddy crop is a widespread crisis faced by Indian farmers, resulting in major setbacks in the yields, quality and sustainability of their farming operations. DuPont Crop Protection in India works closely with farmers and community leaders involved in paddy cultivation to pass on highly advanced and innovative solutions to deliver a healthy and abundant rice crop. The well-researched, easy-to-use and economical range of products include fungicide, herbicide and insecticide to enable farmers to protect their valued paddy crops and contribute to the ever-increasing appetite of the global food system. Our range of products is focused on protecting the paddy crop from the heavy infestation of disease, weeds and insects at different stages of paddy cultivation. The DuPont research division continually works towards formulating rice pest management techniques which are environmentally sustainable. That means, we are committed to providing solutions that reduce threats to future crop production, allowing farmers and their crops to flourish..
  Remove collateral weed hosts from bunds and channels Use only disease free seedlings Avoid excess nitrogen Apply N in three split doses (50% basal, 25% in tillering phase and 25% N in panicle initiation stage) Use resistant variety CO 47. .