An organic fertilizer is a plant fertilizer that is derived from organic sources. Organic fertilizers can range from organic compost to cow manure, but they must be derived from all-organic sources.

Organic gardening or farming emphasizes cultivating your garden or crop so that it sustains enriching soil, plants, and beneficial insects. This is achieved by avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and using products that nurture your garden soil and the organisms in it. When you embrace the organic gardening philosophy, your plants experience a balanced and nourished ecosystem that works as nature intended.

Organic fertilizers are considering the more environmentally friendly option. Soils with plenty of organic material remain loose and light, retain more moisture and nutrients and foster the growth of soil micro-organisms that promote healthier plants and root development. 

Healthy soil leads to healthy plants. But when you garden or crop organically, you do much more than nourish your plants. As in nature, an organic soil alive with microbes and fungi releases nutrients slowly to plants.

Organic fertilizers are eco-friendly, so it is better to use in organic and healthy farming.

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