Gardening is definitely one of the more useful skills you can learn, and it’s one which you can apply throughout your entire life, in a variety of conditions. 

The below are some of the health benefits of gardening:

1.       Exposure to vitamin D:

Vitamin D increases your calcium levels, which benefits your bones and immune system.  Exposure to sunlight naturally kick- starts your body’s vitamin D production, which is essential for your immune system. Nutrients found in soil can further improve immune health. So Outdoor activities like gardening is a perfect way to get your sunshine while pursuing a fun hobby.

2.       Relax and de-stress:

Gardening is a great way to relax and get rid of all the stress in our day to day life while maintaining a good connection to nature, something which has been proven beneficial time and time again. Instead of going out in nature, you have a way of bringing nature inside your home.

3.       Breathe better air:

Gardening is a great provider of fresh air which revitalizes body and mind. Invigorating activity allows the lungs to fully available of the better air quality of a garden.  Remember that the garden is an oxygen-making machine.

4.       Connect with nature:

Gardening offers a relationship with nature which provides a sense of psychological wellbeing. It can engender a spiritual and metaphysical connection that offers solace or serenity; further boosting both physiological and physical health.

5.       It burns calories. 

Gardening is exercise. Between all of the digging, raking, planting, pruning, and weeding, you can expect to burn up to 330 calories per hour.

6.        It improves heart health. 

Gardening offers many of the same health benefits as running on a treadmill – only it’s actually enjoyable. Those who garden every day were found to have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

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