Description :

 It is an associative type of microorganism capable of colonizing root surface of plant. By establishing a symbiotic association ship, it helps plant in getting nutrient all Macro and Micro Nutrients from the soil.

Sizes Available : 7 Kgs 14 Kgs

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Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae : 5.00%

                               Carrier: 95.00%

Soil Application: AGRYBOND @ (5.0 Kg in 500 kg of organic fertilizer) and organic fertilizer or field soil mixed at he recommended rate has to be applied uniformly in the soil and watered well.

Drip System:  AGRYBOND can be used @ 5.0 Kg / ha in 200 liters of water

Seed Treatment: Seed required for 1 hectare is to be treated with AGRYBOND@ (100 gm 1 kg of Seeds) at the specified rate by adopting either seed dipping or seed coating methods.

Seedling Treatment : - AGRYBOND @ (100 gm in 10 Litres of water. seedling roots are immersed in this slurry for about 30 minutes before planting.

  1. AGRYBOND helps to makes all Macro and Micro Nutrients available directly to the plant. It enhances root proliferation through release of organic acids and helps the up taking of Phosphorus.

  2. It helps to reduce the amount of synthetic fertilizer usage.

  3. Helps to increase the crop yield and also  improve the soil health.