Description :

It is a biological fungicide containing the conidial spore and the mycelial fragments of the selective strain of antagonistic fungus, Trichoderma viride. The product is available in liquid and powder  formulation.

Sizes Available : 100 ml 400 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml

  • Composition
  • Use Instructions
  • Benefits

Tricoderma viride: 1 x 108  cfu/ml,

                             Minimum – 1.50%

Growth medium Osmatic stabilizer Disperwrsal agent: 98.50%


Soil Application: Mix the required quantity of TV9 (@ 2 Litres / ha) with 1000 kgs of organic fertilizer / field soil / top soil or any other agriculturally potent locally available organic carrier and mix it well and apply uniformly

Seed Dressing TV9 @ 6 ml or 8 gm per kg of seeds can be used along with the appropriate stickers / wetting agents to coat the seeds.

Seedling Treatment: TV9 @ 10 ml or 20 gm / L of water to be mixed. Dip the roots of the seedlings in to the solution for 30 min prior to planting. Over-dosing does not cause any harmful side effects.

Drip System: TV9 can be applied through drip on several days before use for seeding or transplants.

  1. suppression of various diseases caused by fungal pathogens.

  2. increases the number of deep roots, thereby increasing the plants ability to resist drought

  3. induce ethylene production, hypersensitive responses and other defense related reactions in plant cultivars.

  4. bioremediation of soil that are contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. They have the ability to degrade a wide range of insecticides: organochlorines, organophosphates and carbonates.

  5. Enhances yield along with quality of produce. Boost germination rate. Increase in shoot & Root length Solubilizing various insoluble forms of Phosphates Augment Nitrogen fixing. Promote healthy growth in early stages of crop. Increase Dry matter Production substantially. Provide natural long term immunity to crops and soil.