Description :

To Conduct Bio Efficiency trails on DR.MIRCHI,the protocol is:

Dr. Mirchi is liquid organic feritilzer manufactured for the crop Chilli.

It contains naturally occurring multiple microbes, macro and micro nutrients, amino acids and plant herbal extracts.   

Sizes Available : 100 ml 400 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml

  • Composition
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  • Benefits

  1. Microbial Family (Lactobacillus: 3x107 cfu/ml, Yeast: 3x105 cfu/ml, Bifidobacterium: 3x103 cfu/ml)

  2. Amino Acids - 23% w/v

  3. CaO:- 10.19%w/v, MgO:- 1.2%w/v, S:- 630 ppm

  4. Trace Elements : 2506 ppm (B, EDTA Co, EDTA Cu, EDTA Fe, EDTA Mn, Mo, EDTA Zn)

  5. Plant / Herbal Extracts : 6.95% w/v (Watermelon, Aloevera, Chillies, Cloves, Garlic, Gingers, Metha, Neemleaves, Tulsi, Wheat seeds, Coriander)

  1. Use Dr.Mirrch for seed treatment & root dipping.

  2. Dilute 1000ml of Dr.Mirrch in 100 to 200 ltrs of water and spray on plant and soil 1 acre.

  3. In case of spraying becomes difficult, add 1litre Dr.Mirrch to sufficient sand and broadcast in 1acre Mirchi field.

  4. Shake well before use.

  1. Strengthens Root Systems, free from pest and diseases, reduces the use of other chemicals.

  2. Increases the flowering and reduces the flower dropping.

  3. Decreases cost of expenditure and increases yield.

    1. Quality of the yield increases, so it fetches good market price.

    2. Increases the earth worm in the soil benefitting soil fertility, Reduces soil pollution