Description :

i) At the rate of 5ml Home Garden  concentration solution dilute  in 1 litre of clean chlorine free water, apply for wetting plant leaves and spray on the the rate of one litre per square metre. 

ii) Repeat the above application of Home Garden  at 8 - 10 day intervals


Sizes Available : 20 ml

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1. EM Bacteria:(Lactobacillus: 3x107 cfu/ml, Yeast: 3x105 cfu/ml, Bifidobacterium: 3x103 cfu/ml)

2. Amino Acids - 23% w/v

3. CaO:-11.69%w/v, MgO:-2.9%w/v, S:-750 ppm

4. Trace Elements : 2902 ppm (B, EDTA Co, EDTA Cu, EDTA Fe, EDTA Mn, Mo, EDTA Zn)

This liquid can be used as a pre planting treatment, as a foliar spray, r for actively growing fruit and veggie plants, and for all ornamental plants. In fact anywhere in the garden including your compost heap or areas of poor or stagnant soil

1)    can suppress soil-borne pathogen.

2)     accelerate the decomposition of organic wastes.

3)    increase the availability of mineral nutrients and useful organic compounds to plants.

4)    enhance the activities of beneficial micro-organisms, e.g., mycorrhizae, nitrogen fixing bacteria.