Description :

ADDPLUS is a new-generation, reflective type of anti-transpirant cum anti-stress product. It is based on long chain fatty Acids  derived from non-edible vegetable oil.

Mode of Action

ADDPLUS functions primarily on the principle of reflecting the suns rays. Applied as a foliar spray, it forms a thin glassy film-coat, which reflects incident light more than it would occur under normal conditions. This prevents the thermic effect of light on plant tissues.

Sizes Available : 100 ml 400 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml

  • Composition
  • Use Instructions
  • Benefits

Preparation of Spray Solution

Fill the dry, clean container with the recommended amount of ADDPLUS and add water. Stir well to get a good emulsion.


ADDPLUS is compatible with most of the foliar pesticides. However, a jar test and application in a small area is recommended to test for compatibility before tank use.


·         It imparts drought tolerance to crops by preventing excessive water loss from plants through transpiration.

·         ADDPLUS does not interfere in the normal stomatic activities and photosynthetic processes.

·         It improves the crop health and post-harvest keeping quality of the produce.

·         It enhances photosynthetic activity and partitioning of assimilates to the sink.

·         ADDPLUS is non-toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Dose and Method of Application

Foliar spray - Prepare the spray fluid by mixing it with water at the recommended rate (3-5ml/ltr). The requirement of the spray fluid volume varies with the crop canopy and the customary local practice in vogue. The spray should be done to the level of drip.

·         It effectively reduces the water loss from the plant surface through reflecting greater amount of incident light than it would occur under normal condition.

·         ADDPLUS helps plants to recover from thermic and / or cold stress and improves resistance to drought and frost.

·         ADDPLUS helps to maintain the relative water content and turgor of the plant cells.

·         ADDPLUS maintains the cell turgidity even after harvest; hence improves post-harvest keeping quality of the produce.

·         ADDPLUS mproves the post harvest keeping quality and vase life.